Thursday, January 22, 2009

fan. it's short for fanatic.

i love college football. i have felt such an empty void since the clock struck twelve on january 8th. thus, for the past 14 days i have aimlessly yet intently searched for something to fill this deep hole. this hole that left my life meaningless and depressed. i have tried girly movies. anne hathaway's striptease in bride wars left me laughing out loud (insert appropriate computer abbreviation here) but it in no way compared to the feelings i had whilst watching michael crabtree's last minute td against texas. i have tried working. again a failure. i can only sell so many jars of midnight pomegranate body butter and tubes of japanese cherry blossom creamy body wash before i am reminded of cooper taylors forced fumble/rashaad reid recovered fumble against fsu with under a minute to go only to beat fsu for the first time. seeing tech fans rush a field will trump aromatherapy any day. i have tried shopping. i have been highly convinced my entire life that nothing can make a girl feel better than a shirt that fits just right, shoes that give you just the right amount of sex kitten confidence, or jeans that hug your butt just right. i found all of these things (you're not surprised...ALL jeans hug my butt just right) and alas...that 45-42 scoreboard flashes in my head (think on that crybaby). the best day of my life can never compare to a newfound hobby at the age of 24. the ship has sailed and i'm left sitting on the dock of the bay, otis redding.

therefore, my faithful following, i am left with no choice. and i am now forced to sit here, complete with void, until next season. but until then, know this, from now until february 4th i will visit faithfully in hopes to know every detail possible in regards to this years signing day. and from then, i will search throughout the hive and ajc for spring practice dates and updates. raves and rants from each practice. injury reports and practice report cards will all be studied by mwa (pardon the phonetic spelling). and then, finally, i will catch a glimpse of a game. i will attend t-day as the biggest tech fan you've ever seen. might even wear a face tattoo. and i will watch other schools color vs. color game on css. and then finally, my official countdown to season will begin. laced with some hope, ie, nfl draft (one of top 5 days ever), summer camp, nfl preseason games, and finally, that day in august will come where i will suffer from insomnia. but a good kind of insomnia. i will not sleep due to extreme excitement. and then i will wake up, and college football 2009 will be in full gear. i will enjoy every minute just like any fan (short for fanatic). and then, 5 months later, i will repost this blog.

so here's to you lee corso, kirk herbstreit, chris fowler, and lets not forget desmond howard. thank you for making my saturday mornings complete. from now on, cinnamon roll oatmeal will suffice. with si in hand.